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Excel Software Defined Radio (Model 2)

M.No: SYS 19 025 00 000A


Excel SDR is the miniaturised 2x2 Software Defined Radio (SDR) comes with RF Transceiver and the Xilinx Programmable SoC with interfaces like Ethernet, USB-UART, GPIO and SD Card. You can build your own wireless communication product using EXCEL SDR from RF-to-baseband processing.


- P2P Communication System
- Small cell base stations
- General purpose radio systems
- Unmanned air vehicles etc.,


Size (LxWxH) : 96.5x65x22.5mm

Technical Specifications

Excel Software Defined Radio

Tx Spectrum @ 72MHz

Tx Spectrum @ 895MHz

Tx Spectrum @ 2.4GHz

Tx Spectrum @ 6.0GHz